Title Deeds

title deeds

There is much talk and doubt amongst many purchasers regarding land title deeds in Northern Cyprus. The information below clarifies the land title situation and will reassure you to have a better understanding of the system. The most crucial factor in buying property in Northern Cyprus, whether land or house. The good recommendation is to use a qualified lawyer (solicitor) for the preparation of all contracts and assist you with government applications. As part of our service we can recommend several reputable legal firms and independent solicitors, who specialize in this area of expertise.


Restrictions on Foreigners


Foreigners are limited to owning one dönüm (approx 1/3 acre) per person (husband and wife count as one person). The Council of Ministers carry out a number of checks following an application to purchase and these can take approx 12-18 months to complete. The Land Registry maintains records of all land transfers in the same way as in the UK. The TRNC government issues the titles in the form of either freehold our leasehold Title Deeds ("Kocan" in Turkish)

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